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Chargeback notification emails

As soon as we receive a chargeback request related to your merchant account, we will let you know by sending you a chargeback notification email. Depending on the type of chargeback, you may have the opportunity to respond to this notification.

Until the process is settled, chargebacks remain visible in your account.

This is a list of possible reasons that might result in a chargeback (reason code CBN):

MC 4801 Requested Transaction Data Not Received

MC 4802 Requested/Required Information Illegible or Missing

MC 4807 Warning Bulletin File 

MC 4808 Requested/Required Authorization Not Obtained

MC 4812 Account Number Not on File

MC 4831 Transaction Amount Differs

MC 4834 Duplicate Processing

MC 4835 Card Not Valid or Expired 

MC 4837 No Cardholder Authorization 

MC 4840 Fraudulent Processing of Transaction 

MC 4841 Canceled Recurring Transaction

MC 4842 Late Presentment

MC 4846 Correct Transaction Currency Code Not Provided

MC 4847 Requested/Required Authorization Not Obtained and Fraudulent Transaction

MC 4849 Questionable Merchant Activity 

MC 4850 Credit Posted as Purchase

MC 4853 Cardholder Dispute – Defective/Not As Described

MC 4854 Cardholder Dispute – Not Elsewhere Classified (U.S. Region Only)

MC 4855 Nonreceipt of Merchandise

MC 4857 Card-Activated Telephone Transaction

MC 4859 Services Not Rendered

MC 4860 Credit Not Processed

MC 4862 Counterfeit Transaction Magnetic Stripe POS Fraud 

MC 4863 Cardholder Does Not Recognize – Potential Fraud 

MC 4870 Chip Liability Shift 

MC 4871 Chip/PIN Liability Shift 

Visa 10.1 EMV Liability Shift Counterfeit Fraud

Visa 10.2 EMV Liability Shift Non-Counterfeit Fraud

Visa 10.3 Other Fraud - Card-Present Environment/Condition

Visa 10.4 Other Fraud - Card-Absent Environment

Visa 10.5 Visa Fraud Monitoring Program

Visa 11.1 Card Recovery Bulletin

Visa 11.2 Declined Authorization

Visa 11.3 No Authorization

Visa 12.1 Late Presentment

Visa 12.2 Incorrect Transaction Code

Visa 12.3 Incorrect Currency

Visa 12.4 Incorrect Account Number

Visa 12.5 Incorrect Amount

Visa 12.6 Duplicate Processing/Paid by Other Means

Visa 12.7 Invalid Data

Visa 13.1 Merchandise/Services Not Received

Visa 13.2 Cancelled Recurring Transaction

Visa 13.3 Not As Described or Defective Merchandise/Services

Visa 13.4 Counterfeit Merchandise

Visa 13.5 Misrepresentation

Visa 13.6 Credit Not Processed

Visa 13.7 Cancelled Merchandise/Services

Visa 13.8 Original Credit Transaction Not Accepted

Visa 13.9 Non-Receipt of Cash or Load Transaction Value