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Incorrect reference line on transfers

When using the prepayment or purchase on account payment methods, if the transfer doesn't include the Short-ID (xxxx.xxxx.xxxx) in the reference line, our system cannot automatically match the payment to the order. In this case, it has to be done manually.

To manually match a payment to an order, proceed as follows:

  • Log in to Unzer Insights.
  • Go to Invoices.
  • Select the transaction in question by clicking on it.
  • You can not fill out the contact form for the order in question.

The following information is required to proceed:
  • Transfer voucher / Account statement 
Both the reference line and the date must be visible!

If you cannot provide the transfer voucher or account statement, we will at least need the following:
  • Date of transfer 
  • Reference line as-is
  • Transfer amount 
  • Originator of the transfer
Or you can send an email with the above information and the short ID of the transaction to

After we manually match the payment to the order, the transaction will be visible as an incoming payment in Unzer Insights.